Getting Inked At The Age Of 16 Without Parental Consent In California Possible Or Not!?

Having a good tattoo one your body is a sign of coolness among youngsters nowadays. Teenagers must understand the fact that tattoos are a permanent thing, and you can’t just get it done for fun and coolness. It is believed that tattoos are an art form that should be practiced for a reason.

However, these concepts are away from the mind of a 16-year-old. Teenagers are actually eager to practice grown-ups stuff, and get a tattoo at 16 in California is basic.

We are assisting with a guide if it is possible for teenagers to try this without parental consent.

Having a tattoo at 16 in California!

It is not possible for a 16-year-old get a tattoo in California without parental consent or even it. Getting inked before you hit a legal age is just not appropriate practice as it can cause different skin infections.

Additionally, at the tender age of 16, you are not mature enough to decide for a permanent thing as teenagers are impulsive.

Getting fascinated by one thing on one day and lacking interest within the same thing on the very next day is a casual thing.

Therefore, teenagers should not be practicing for the tattooing practice but get it done when they are mature enough to understand what is permanent in their life.

It is essential not to indulge in something permanent as from the period of a teenager to adulthood, and you develop into a different person.

getting inked

Penalties if you violate penal code 653!

According to the California statute that claims that tattooing an individual under the age of 18 is a crime. If you are deemed to violate the act, then you shall go through complications, and the following actions would be taken against you.

  • The person involved in the practice is punished with imprisonment of six months.
  • Violation of penal code 653 would have to pay for $1000 as fine for practicing an unlawful practice.

The summary

From the details stated above, we got to learn about the aspect you cannot get a tattoo at 16 without parental consent or even with it.

Regulated laws and regulations of California and US nation-states that you should be surely taking concern about the tattoos practice when you are adult.

So we can surely conclude to the aspect that there is no way a 16-year-old can get themselves at the tender age as it an unlawful practice according to governing forces of the nation.


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